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  • John Levis on Row over fracking protest policing bill
    10 Mar 2017 17:51
    So if you promote an event like a football match or concert you pay towards policing - if you run a (subsidised with tax breaks) multi-national business you dont. https://tinyurl.com/zol4t3c 1. The provision of policing at a football match, or any other commercial event such as a music concert is a "special police service".[1] Special Police Services are governed by section 25 of the Police Act 1996: The chief officer of police of a police force may provide, at the request of any person, special police services at any premises or in any locality in the police area for which the force is maintained, subject to the payment to the police authority of charges on such scales as may be determined by that authority. 2. In effect special police services are extra police officers provided for the purposes of security at commercial events. The event organiser must pay for this service at a price determined by the chief constable; if the cost is not met then the organiser can be denied a safety certificate and cannot hold the event.
  • Lou on Row over fracking protest policing bill
    09 Mar 2017 23:34
    What a crock of shit. I have been to the anti fracking site to observe on several occasions. Not including myself in the protests but being a peaceful member of the local community. The attitude of the police towards me even when I said a pleasant 'hello and good morning' was nothing more than rude. Not all but the majority!!! I live in this area and have been totally disgusted with our local police and witnessed abuse and assault towards other protestors who have been doing nothing wrong. Shame on the local police!!! I will certainly look at you in a different light from now on!!! I had a local thrift try to break into my home... In a very nice area I have to say... Three/four weeks ago. I'm a single mum with a daughter living with me. I rang the police and reported it... To this day I've had NO response or visit... Yet your using our tax money to fund the crap I've witnessed today!!!! Absolutely ridiculous you should be ashamed of yourselves. I have no faith in the police anymore.

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